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Go paperless with your guest room directory

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NEW: Paperless Guest Room Directory service (touchless technology)

To help you address the new COVID-19 sanitary recommendations, Intello is now offering a Paperless Guest Room Directory service. Quick, easy and affordable; we digitize your guest room directory allowing you to remove it and other in-room collateral, thus reducing the amount of items to clean after each guest has checked out.

Using cutting-edge technology, we digitize your existing guest directory into a virtual book format and host it in the cloud. Using their own devices, your guests can easily browse through your directory, flip pages and zoom in without ever needing to download any application! We will send customized stickers with your hotel logo, custom QR code as well as simple instructions for your guests to follow. Even better, our stickers also have a built in NFC chip. They are designed to be placed directly on the desk and easily wiped clean. The NFC chip allows guests with NFC-compatible phones such as the latest iPhones and Android devices to simply tap the sticker with their device to instantly bring up your guest directory. Scanning the QR code with the phone camera will allow other devices without NFC technology to access it just as easily. For every other device, there is also a printed customized URL allowing guests to open the directory in their browser.

Add other in-room collateral such as menus and local business advertising allowing your guests to find all the info they need in one convenient place.

At $30/month with no up-front fees or long-term contracts, our solution is affordable for all hotel sizes.


Click on the brochure to download a copy


Live demo! Scan the QR code above with your phone or click the image to see a demo of our paperless guest directory.

What people are saying about our paperless directory

We absolutely love the guest directory QR code. It's personalized and we love the format and design. Easy to setup and so far have received no complaints from our guests.


Kaustubh Parab, Lake Louise Inn

Intello Paperless Guest Directory Service

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