Your tenants want WiFi, and it's our specialty

Why equip your building with WiFi?

Increase your income and the value of your building
  • Increase your income from $25 to $50 per unit per month directly upon signing the lease or through our credit card debit system

  • Increase the value of your building up to $9,000 per unit while providing additional service to your tenants

Offer the Internet to
your tenants
  • Make your building more attractive to tenants

  • Increase your monthly income

  • Your tenants will be able to benefit from Internet access in common areas, training rooms, swimming pools, terraces, lounges, garages, rooms for rent or shared rooms 

Equip your building with a reliable network for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Benefit from a reliable WiFi network available everywhere to add IoT to serve your building: automatic water valve closing systems, wireless cameras, electronic locks, leak / temperature detectors, home automation, etc.

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We have developed Intello PAN technology and the Tenant Onboarding solution to offer the best possible WiFi experience for Multi-Dwelling environments. Be sure to choose our proven WiFi solutions to keep your tenants happy. 

What is the Tenant Onboarding Solution?

What is Intello PAN Technology?

We take care of everything (or almost!)

Equipment & installation
  • Intello installs all the necessary equipment on site (WiFi equipment, switches, etc.)

  • In some cases, we are able to install without passing new cables

  • You choose the Internet service provider for the building

24/7/365 dedicated technical support
  • 24/7 toll-free technical support line for your tenants (and you of course!)

  • Remote equipment monitoring  ensures that your tenants will always have access to the Internet

  • Our qualified technical team, based in Quebec, ensures that your network is always at its best

Owner's Dashboard

We provide a portal allowing you to monitor the status of the Internet system in each of your buildings.

Why choose Intello over another supplier?

Our WiFi expertise

Founded in 2003, we are experts in WiFi solutions, having delivered more than 3000 projects over the years. We serve over 125,000 doors across North America. Our clients include renowned hotels, all-inclusives, MDUs, condos, senior residences and student residences.

Canada-based tech support

Our experienced Canada-based support team assures bilingual support 24/7/365. We offer very favorable working conditions, and thus, enjoy excellent employee retention. Stop being just a number, and build a relationship with us as a partner for your success.

Tools for owners
  • Reinforce your brand image: your system's onboarding portal will reflect your image (your name, logo, background image, etc.)

  • Your cloud portal allows you to monitor the state of the Internet system in each of your buildings 24 / 7 (condition of WiFi equipment, internet usage)

  • Create your own internet packages for your tenants, and decide whether you prefer to collect the income yourself or use our credit card billing platform