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Add casting to your hotel

Your guests deserve the best entertainment option

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Entertainment at the tip of your guests' fingers

With streaming services now playing an integral part in day to day habits, offering casting has become increasingly popular throughout the hospitality market. However, you may have to sacrifice network security in order to allow casting to work, unless you use our Intello Casting solution.

We are proud to offer a casting solution combining ease of use, personal privacy and network security. Our solution allows guests to cast all their favorite content to the hotel room's TV without ever needing to enter their credentials elsewhere than on their personal devices; all their personal info stays right in the palm of their hands.

More popular than user-on-demand movies, casting is what guests are looking for today. Your guests will be delighted to find our solution provides almost exactly the same casting experience they’d find in their own homes.

Our technology, using Personal Area Networks over Wi-Fi, allows hotels to maintain network security by allowing customers to cast to TVs that are in their room only, while preventing access to any other device on the network, including other guests' devices and other TVs. With our solution, guests cannot cast content to the wrong room, or scan other guests' devices.

Using Intello's gateway and a compatible wireless network, setup is a breeze and won't require any additional hardware, aside from a compatible streaming device. We highly recommend using Google Chromecast. Hotels are free to purchase the devices themselves, but to make it easy for you, we can provide them for purchase or as part of a monthly service fee. We have also designed an optional security kit to deter theft, protecting your investment.


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